"Hello everyone,

My name is Bart Thijssen, owner and founder of Personal Swim Training and Bath Geldrop.

After years of experience as a competitive swimmer and trainer, I decided in 2013 to start my own swimming school.

Now we have a wonderful team and almost 400 students for swimming lessons, private swimmers, triathletes / competition swimmers and training for adults.

I am proud of the team and the locations we've got. In the coming years, we hope to be able to transfer the success that we have been able to achieve so far to even more locations.

I'd love to see you at the swimming lessons!"


Assistent manager


My name is Kimberley and I work for the friendly team of Bath Geldrop.

I arrange everything behind the scenes as far as the administration is concerned. This way everything runs smoothly for everyone who wants to come and swim with us! The door of our office is always open, feel free to take the time to walk in.

The coffee is ready! See you soon 😊"


Marketing & communication / Swimming Teacher


My name is Eefje, I am 26 years old and I work as a marketing and communication officer at Bath Geldrop. I also give swimming lessons! I really enjoy doing it and I like to guide the children to their diploma.

Cooking, making music and doing fun things with friends are my hobbies. I like to make spontaneous trips with the camper and am always curious where I will end up again.

Sparkling greetings from me and who knows, see you soon!"


Swimming Teacher


My name is William.

I have been working at Bath since May 2021, I take care of the swimming lessons, but you can also meet me in recreational swimming or the competition swimmers.

In addition to my work at Bath, I also run my own business in entertainment.

I like to convey my enthusiasm for entertainment during the swimming lessons. Because what could be better than working towards the diploma together with a child?

Sparkling greetings!"


Swimming Teacher

''Hello everyone!

I am Veronique and in daily life married and mother of 2 children. I love traveling, dachshunds, playing guitar and anything that makes me happy!

What I find important is that the children come to the swimming lesson with great pleasure and help them to make it a nice time. So that they can eventually swim well and safely and obtain the diploma!

I'd love to see you during the swimming lesson!''


Swimming Teacher


I am Anouk, 20 years old and have been giving swimming lessons at Bath Geldrop since September!

Besides the fact that I really enjoy teaching, I also have my own company in baking cakes! The brownies you get with the coffee are baked by me! 😊 I also like to play tennis and I can be found on the tennis court a lot in my spare time! 🎾

We wish you a lot of swimming fun and who knows, maybe I'll see you during the swimming lesson!"


Swimming teacher

My name is Stella, I am 23 years old and have been working as a swimming instructor at Bath Geldrop since May 2022.

In addition to giving swimming lessons, I am also a competitive swimmer, water polo player, trainer and board member at a swimming club.

I also don't skip diving in Zeeland and if you don't see me at the swimming lessons in the summer? Then I'm probably making a swim.

In addition to all that sea and pool water, friends, music and animals are very important to me. For example, I have 2 kittens at home and I can be found at the petting zoo on Monday afternoon as a zookeeper.

Many water greetings from me! And until the swimming lesson



Hey! My name is Benny. I like to socialize and am enthusiastic in my work. 

I am father a boy (Logan Skylar) and I own my own business in sports & lifestyle. In addition, I have a lot of experience with swimming, baby swimming, water aerobics, swimming lessons, etc. 

I look forward to see you in the pool! 


Swimming teacher 

"Hi, I'm Veronique! 

I'm a proud mother of 2 children. They like the water as much as I do. As a child I could be found in the bathing water early on and I took part in competitive swimming. I think it is important that in addition to learning a lot, the children also have a lot of fun during the swimming lesson. 

Many greetings and see you at the swimming lessons!''


Swimming teacher 

''Hi everyone!

My name is Felicia van Veen, I work as a swimming teacher at Bath.

I am an enthusiastic sociable girl, who likes to work with children. While learning to swim and have fun, I would love to hear all your exciting stories in the water. In addition, together we will ensure that you also get your swimming diplomas well and safely.

Further in daily life, I am a proud mother of a son. I can regularly be found in the gym or I lie down the couch at home.

Are you ready to go on a swimming adventure with me?

I see you in class, sparkling greetings!