We start with our water aerobics program!

Registration for water aerobics classes is now possible! This way of exercising has many advantages, namely:

  • Aqua aerobics reduce pain in bones and muscles by doing the movements in the water
  • The water is supportive for your body, so there is less load on joints and muscles
  • You stimulate your muscles by pressing against the water, so that you build up more muscle strength
  • The movements in the water improve blood circulation
  • High impact class aimed at improving fitness
  • Aqua aerobics movements are less abrupt through the water
  • You meet people, like-minded people, with the same goals and possible sports interests
  • Moving in the water prevents overheating, so you can exercise longer
  • The pressure of the water causes blood to move through the body. This reduces the strain on the heart
  • You stay in shape
  • It reduces stress

Aquarobics is super fun! Will you join us?

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