Swim Team

Technique training with the conviviality of a group

Together towards your personal goal!

Personal Swim Team is especially for people who want the fun of a group, but also the attention and quality of private swimming. Combining the best of private swimming and the best of group lessons is exactly where our strength lies!

The group consists of many different swimmers including triathletes, open water swimmers, starters etc. The training courses will in many cases be the same as each other, but can be adjusted at different levels due to the professional competence of the trainers. Thanks to the intensive guidance of our trainers, it is easier to differentiate and the attention remains with each individual swimmer. In addition to the instructor taking care of the lesson, he will also look at the technique of each swimmer. Our main goal is to support you with individual tips and give feedback about your technique.

During the summer period, a training outside is regularly planned. During these trainings, the swimmers can get used to the open water swimming and expand their technical skills there. The trainer present will provide the swimmers with tips that will make swimming outside easier in the future. This is also a perfect time to train for a competition outside.

Our swimming training is currently offered 2x a week where you are welcome every training! This way you can make your skills even more proficient under the guidance of our trainers!

At Personal Swim Training we adhere to the current Covid-19 measures. We ensure that the lessons can continue completely corona proof.


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