Personal Swim Kidz

is a very exclusive private swimming school

With us, all attention lays on your child. Compared to regular swimming schools, we have the intensity of our lessons at a high level. No more waiting for the other children in a group? No more playing half lessons because the teacher is busy? Because we can give all the attention to your child, these irritation points are a thing of the past!

Many children today are flooded with stimuli. In a swimming pool, these stimuli are reinforced. Concentrating in a swimming pool is quite difficult as something happens everywhere. At Personal Swim Kidz we reduce the stimuli to the maximum by keeping the groups very small and individual. With this, Personal Swim Kidz makes a particularly big difference. In addition to reducing stimuli and maximizing attention, we know better than anyone how important clarity is for children.

We ensure that our assignments are clear and person-oriented. Your child knows what is expected.

As a result, frustration with child, parent and swimming teacher completely disappears and space can be made for a fun and close bond! During our swimming lessons, the parents may be present at all times. Because we keep our groups so extremely small, the distraction outside the bath is very limited.


The individual contact with the children ensures that the swimming teacher gives a predominant stimulus and children still stay focused.

At the end of the swimming lesson, the swimming teachers visit the parents individually for a short summary.The swimming teacher can tell you what went very well, and what can be practiced on. Through this communication, you as a parent know exactly how things are going with the progress.


"We really liked the small groups and personal attention! Because the groups are so small, the children progress quickly. There is enough time to give all children the attention they need to work on points for improvement. Good job, thankyou!"


''My five year old daughter has made amazing improvement in the water since she started swimming with Personal Swim Kidz. She responds very well to one-on-one lessons and because of the personal classes she's able to concentrate better.''


I found the biggest difference to be the tranquility! No mass stress, the feeling that you are handing your child over to the wolves and disappears into a system of production. At Personal Swim Kidz they see what the child can do and they act accordingly."