Baby swimming / toddler swimming in Geldrop

Enjoy quality time in the water with your child.

At our location in Geldrop we offer both baby swimming and toddler swimming. These lessons are divided into two different methods:

  • Splatter Class, focused on fun and making your child water-free. Here you as a parent join your child in the water.
  • Self Rescue lessons, focused on self-reliance. Your child goes into the water alone with a swimming instructor.

Splatter Class

Our Splatter Classes are suitable for children from 3 months to 4 years old. We have divided the groups into two age groups, from 3 to 15 months and from 15 months to 4 years.

In the Splatter Classes, you as a parent go into the water with your child. You experience qualitytime by singing songs together and doing fun exercises in the water. Playfully, your child will learn to deal with splashes and become water-free.

We offer our Splatter Classes in small groups with a maximum of 8 children. By keeping the groups small, we keep the children as calm as possible. These lessons last 30 minutes per lesson.

Self Rescue

The Self Rescue lessons are also for children between 3 months and 4 years. Here you as a parent do not enter the water, your child learns from the swimming instructor how to stay above water again after a fall. This method is aimed at preventing drowning in babies and toddlers.

We offer Self Rescue lessons in groups of two children or in a private lesson. These lessons last 15 minutes, because they can be quite intense, experience shows that this is long enough for little ones.

Both types of lessons are given during the week in the morning, by appointment.

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