Owner, swimming instructor

"Hello all,

My name is Bart Thijssen, owner and founder of Personal Swim Training and Bath Geldrop.

After years of experience as a competitive swimmer and trainer I decided to start my own swim school in 2013.

We now have a wonderful team and over 400 students for Swim Abc, private swimmers, triathletes/competitive swimmers and adult training.

I am proud of the team and locations we now have. In the coming years, I hope to transfer the success we have been able to achieve so far to even more locations."




My name is Kimberley and I work on the cozy team at Bath Geldrop.

I handle everything behind the scenes in terms of administration. This way everything runs smoothly for anyone who wants to come and swim with us! The door of our office is always open, feel free to walk in.

The coffee is ready! See you soon 😊"


Assistant manager, swimming instructor

"Hi, My name is Lars and I work for Bath Geldrop.

After graduating from Summa Sport and the academy for physical education (ALO), I worked for 2 years as a teacher for a vocational sports school in Rotterdam.

During my studies and many internships I gained a lot of knowledge and experience about what is involved in teaching and leading and the development of children. I like to bring my knowledge and experience to the swimming lessons to offer them in an inspiring and developing way. In which the children feel safe in the water and learn to swim in different and fun ways.

See you at the swimming lessons!"


Assistant manager, swimming instructor

"Hi all!

My name is Kelly.

I live with my boyfriend, our daughter and dog. In addition to my work, I actively volunteer in scouting. When we go on vacation, we enjoy camping.

In my youth I was active in the lifeguard, there I started teaching swimming lessons to children. Since then I have always been in the pool business. Since December 1, 2022, I joined the cozy team of Bath, where I am also happy to be ready to teach you how to swim and have fun in the water. Hope to see you in the pool soon."


Assistant manager, swimming instructor

''Hii swimmers,

My name is Lieke and I work together with my nice colleagues in the Bath team. There, among other things, I am busy providing the most fun swimming lessons. From the first splashes to the real swimming champions and from the first splash to a full swimming certificate.

In addition to providing swimming lessons, I am working behind the scenes with my colleagues to discover new initiatives and ideas to make swimming even more fun and educational. I do not like to sit still, because in my spare time I love to be found in the woods with my blond labradoodle where I make the most beautiful walks. You can also find me in the sports hall where I like to play korfball fanatically.

Now that you have gotten to know me a little bit I am curious to hear your stories. Will I see you soon at one of our locations?"


Coördinator, swimming instructor

"Hello all,

My name is Virgile. I am 46 years old, married and father of 4 children. I live with my wife, children, cats and dog in Sterksel.

I may join the beautiful team of Bath Geldrop from now on. I hope that with my almost 20 years of experience in giving swimming lessons, I can be a valuable contribution to all children who attend swimming lessons with us. 

Hope to see you at the swimming lessons!"


Swimming instructor

''Hi all!

My name is Felicia, I work as a swim instructor at fun Bath.

I am an enthusiastic sociable girl, who loves working with children and just loves splashing around. While learning to swim and having fun, I love to hear all your exciting stories in the water. In addition, together we are going to make sure that you too get your swimming certificates properly and safely.

Further in daily life, I am a proud mother of a son. I can regularly be found in the gym or at home on the couch.

Are you ready to go on a swimming adventure with me?

See you in class, splashy greetings!"


Swimming instructor

''Hello all!

I am Veronique, married in daily life and mother of 2 children. I love traveling, dachshunds, playing guitar and everything that makes me happy!

What is important to me is that the children enjoy coming to swimming lessons and I like to help them have a good time so they can swim well and safely in the end and get the diploma!

I look forward to seeing you during swimming lessons!''


Swimming instructor

"Hi all!!!

My name is Monique, I am married and mother of 2 children. There is also a butterfly dog running around my house named Yoshi.

As a little girl you couldn't make me happier than going to a swimming pool. Because of this, I then ended up joining the lifeguard.

After earning all my diplomas at the rescue team and giving swimming lessons there for a while, which I enjoyed so much, I then decided to retrain as a swimming instructor.

I hope that the children enjoy coming to the swimming lessons and can enjoy it for a long time to come. From the first splashes to their swimming certificates.

See you at one of our locations."


Swimming instructor

"Hi, I'm Fleur, 20 years old and I'm from Brandevoort.

I have an MBO degree in recreation and am currently studying Pedagogy in Eindhoven.

My passion really lies with children. Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to do something in this sector, which is why I now work at Bath next to my studies. Usually I can be found in the pool on Saturdays.

See you soon

! Fleur"


Swimming instructor


My name is Kyra. I currently live in Helmond.

I started focusing on theater and the creative sector, where I work a lot with and for children. For example, I work in Toverland and as icing on the cake I was able to win some awards for my work in America.

As a little girl, I loved swimming lessons and swimming immensely and got just about every diploma. Swimming has always stuck with me and something I love to do myself! It is important to me that the children enjoy going to lessons and that I can contribute to this."


Swimming instructor, marketing team

"Hi hi!

My name is Laura, I work in the Marketing Department and as a swim instructor at fun Bath.

While learning to swim and having fun, I love to hear all your stories and together we are going to make sure that you too get your swimming diplomas in a good and fun way.

In daily life I live together with my boyfriend in the cozy town of Geldrop. Besides my work I can be found in the pool as a competitive swimmer since I was 8 years old.

I hope to see you soon at one of the lessons!"


Marketing team

"Hi hi! I'm Charlotte and since September I have been working as a member of the marketing team at Bath.

After working as a teacher for almost 14 years, I said goodbye to primary education for good in 2022 and started looking for a new challenge.

Since photography and social media are my hobbies, I got into marketing and thus ended up at Bath. I love fun photos, so I hang out all day with my phone in my two daughters' faces😉 I think getting photos of proud little ones with, for example, swimming diplomas achieved is super fun! So if you have fun photos that we can share on our socials, you can always email me ( and of course you can always tag us in photos on Facebook and/or Insta! We like it 😊

See you at Bath!"