Private swimming lessons for adults

Private swimming lessons for adults

Especially for adults who do not have a swimming certificate, we offer private swimming lessons.

In addition to our swimming lessons for children, we also offer private swimming lessons for adults. Together we look at your needs and work from there.

What do these private swimming lessons for adults entail?

After registering, we will contact you to discuss your needs together. Do you have a fear of water? Then together we will start with making you water-free step by step. Would you like to obtain swimming certificate A (and perhaps also B and/or C)? That is also possible. Because during these private swimming lessons you are really alone with the swimming instructor, the lessons are completely customized and adapted to your wishes.

Do you already have swimming certificates and do you want to improve your swimming technique? Then we refer you to our page for private training.

Also possible in pairs

Would you like to learn to swim together with someone you know? This is also possible. With our private swimming lessons you can choose to swim alone or in pairs. Do you prefer to swim with a larger group of adults? Then please refer to our page on group lessons for adults.

60-minute swimming lessons

Unlike our swimming lessons for children, adult swimming lessons do last 60 minutes. This is because it is usually easier for adults to keep up, both conditionally and in terms of attention. In terms of day and time, we can look together at a suitable time during the week.


Private swimming classes for adults

Per 60-minute swimming lesson

€ 75

Swimming class 1 on 2

Price is per person, per lesson

€ 60

Ten lessons

Advantageous, 5 euro discount on each lesson

€ 700

Requesting private swimming lessons for adults

We will confirm your request by email.